Someone once told me that I’m not a normal lawyer. In that vein, this is not a normal law blog. It’s about hope, clarity, and impact. It’s about making the law understandable and accessible to all, and knocking down the barriers between a great idea and implementation.

I’ve got the law credentials:

  • Admitted to the bar
  • Graduated from NYU Law cum laude
  • 2010– 2011 Social Entrepreneur in Residence at NYU Law
  • Founder of the NYU Law and Social Entrepreneurship Association
  • Alumni of the NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Program in Social Entrepeneurship.

And I’m taking on the law with a brand new perspective.

Welcome to RazEsquire. A new kind of lawyer is in.

A More Formal Bio

Keren G. Raz is currently the Social Enterprise Fellow at New York University School of Law and a Socially Responsible Investing Associate at Apollo Management. She graduated cum laude from NYU Law, where she was a Root-Tilden-Kern Scholar. She received her Bachelor of Arts with honors from University of Arizona. She is the co-founder of NYU’s Law and Social Entrepreneurship Association and an alumnus of the NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship.

Keren’s research focuses on the legal needs of social enterprises – organizations that use business methods to achieve social missions. She is interested in identifying a more appropriate legal structure for those social enterprises that can be characterized both as non-profits and for-profits. She is also continuing to examine emerging forms such as the low-profit limited liability company and the benefit corporation while working closely with those founding social enterprises to understand their specific legal needs. She is a guest blogger for various nonprofit and social enterprise law blogs. Recent works include an article assessing the emerging legal forms for hybrids (forthcoming in NYU’s Review for Law and Social Change) and a summary of the flexible purpose corporation for a nonprofit law blog.